Bembridge with Stella and Jacque

When I last visited Bembridge with Jacque and few weeks ago, he was so taken by the beauty that he told his wife, Stella. And so a trip was arranged, for all three of us the visit again.

Jacques and Stella arrive promptly at 1030, on the morning of the 2nd of June, and after a cup of tea, we slipped lines and headed up the Hamble and into Southampton Water.

Leaving the Hamble, with Hamble Lifeboat and SCM in the background
Stella at the helm

We set our sails and managed to tack our way over towards the Isle of Wight. Approaching Osbourne Bay, Jacque suggested that we anchor for lunch in the bay. As the time was approaching 1400 and we were rather peckish, we all agreed.

We anchored, under sail, in 4 meters of water, 2 cables off shore and 2 cables south of Norris, red lateral mark. The Spade anchor set immediately and it was fun doing it under sail and remembering the techniques required. Lunch was provided by Stella, a wonderful home made chicken pasta, with pesto.

At anchor at Osborne Bay

We weighed anchor at 1400 and with the lack of wind motored to our destination for the evening, Bembridge Harbour. We approached St. Helen’s fort at 1630, which was 2 hours of high water and made our way to our finger pontoon.

Arriving at Bembridge
Entering our home for the night

Having moored up, we had a few light refreshments and then made our way to The Brading Haven Yacht Club, where I had booked a table for us so days ago. We had a wonderful outside table, with fantastic views of the entire harbour and even a dinghy race at at club. The meal was good, and made better by the company and the fine weather.

Stella, Jacque and me at the Brading Haven Yacht Club

After our meal, and with the sun setting we walked back to Seraphim, via the beach overlooking the entrance and with Portsmouth on the horizon. The ambiance was amplified by driftwood fires, used as heating, lighting and bbqs, by what we presumed to be locals taking their families out. A fantastic end to a wonderful day.

Families enjoying driftwood fires at Bembridge
More Driftwood fires and cargo ships at anchor