Hidden Treasure

We spent our last few days in Cagliari. Relaxing, having lunch with Marta and Massimo, visiting our local Aquila and Rari Nantes ristorante.

Massimo, me and Barbera at Rari Nantes

Alex, with our favourite waitress , Barbara, at Rari Nantes
Alex having a very large horse steak – where does he put it?

Marta suggested that we make an afternoon outing to “Sella del diabolla”

Its name seems to be derived from an attempt by some devil taking possession of this part of the coast because of its special beauty. The legend says that God decided to stop the devils’ attack using the army of his faithful angels, whose head was archangel Gabriel. The battle between angels and devils took place in the sky above the gulf. They say that while Lucifer was  running away, he lost his saddle. It fell on the sea and became petrified rock, giving origin to the headland. That’s why the mountain was called “Sella del Diavolo”,meaning the devil’s saddle, while the sea below was named “Golfo degli Angeli”, that is the Angels’gulf. You can visit St.Elia’s headland and “Sella del Diavolo” walking along a path which takes you from Calamosca to the top and which is of great naturalistic and archaeological value. According to certain accounts evidence of ancient human activity can be found inside some caves. Along the way you can see the ruins of the Tower of St.Elia, which can be reached by a steep ascent, then a small fortification dating back to the Second World War and finally the ruins of St.Elia’s Monastery.

Marta had been here once before, but it was a first for myself, Alex and Massimo. It’s am amazing walk up to the summit and the forna resembles that of Africa rather than Italy. Cacti and exotic plants along the route with amazing views of Poetto, Marina Piccola and the small anchorage in the waters below, where we had played and swam in last summer 2019.

Picolla marina and Poetto and Cagliari bay

Ruins of the Pisan Tower

WWII gun positions

Our holiday concluded with a visit to our favourite cake shop for a fond farewell cake and coffee, before being driven back to the airport by Marta, Massimo and off course Arba.