Naked Lady

Today, Seraphim was stripped even further. I drove down to Hayling Yacht Company, with the intention of adjusting fenders and lines before the oncoming storm. However, due to the tide being out, it was impossible to adjust the fenders that were tight between the dock and the hull. So I decided to start on the main sail.

Due to the superb design and use the Frederiksen ball bearing sliders and battens, it proved to be a long job. Each batten holder and sail attachment had to be unscrewed and disassembled. Although time consuming, this task isn’t performed often, and the benefits outweigh determents of disassembly. Once in use the sail comes down in seconds and effortlessly , even at the oddest of angles.

Once the sail and sail cover was removed,  I was motivated and there was no stopping me. Moving on to removing the boom vang and eventually the boom itself.

I was happy to have completed this before the imminent high winds and storm, predicted for the next few days.

Frederiksen Sail Sliders
Batten holder and ball joint to slide connector

After – Naked Seraphim

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