Sicily here we come

Finally the day has arrived for the beginning of our 1000 mile odyssey. 

We started the day with a coffee and then began our final preparation for our voyage. A boat wash down, water tanks filled and crew washed and watered. Our friend Massimo dropped by and wished us a fond farewell and we plan to meet up in the Madelenna island in about 5 weeks. Bill had prepared a spaghetti bolonesse for consumption en route. It’s a great idea to have hot food prepared for long passages and the Mr D Thermal cooler proved its weight in gold yet again.

The Boys
The boys for the first leg Rich, Ed and Bill



I think Sicily is in that direction

arrivederci Sardinia
A stowaway


The journey started with a resonable breeze, but within 3 hours the wind had veered around us and behind us with a strength of 25 knots. We reefed, obviously and settled down to some downwind sailing, eventually rolling away the genny entirely.

After our evening meal of spaghetti bolonesse, which was still piping hot, we settle into our night watch routine of three hours on and six off.

My duty started at 2400, but I got up early for a chat with Ed and a handover. The wind had picked up to over 30 knots with some fantastically huge breaking and surfing waves behind us. Some as high as 3 metres or more. I hope it keeps up until day break as I would love to get some video footage, not to mention keeping the boat speed up to between 7.5 and 8.6 knots.  The full moon lit the night sky and the sea and it was almost as bright as England on a dark and cloudy day. Fantastic feelings and thoughts rushing through me as I become one with nature and enjoyed the wonders of this unucluttered life at sea. A wonderfully bright Jupiter accompanied the moon and I thought back of my days as a 10 year old staying up late and gazing into the night with the telescope that my Aunt Krystyna had bought me. Plotting the orbits of Jupiter’s four largest moons over many month. How I wish I had kept those plots. Who would have thought at that early age that I would be sailing this wonderful world and not only looking at the same planet, but also with my best fried who I befriended at the age of five. I obviously Refer to my best mate  Edward.


Apart from Ed and Bill on board, I think the nearest human is probably 70 miles away horizontally or perhaps a bit nearer vertically, in either planes or space shuttles. 

After a rough night with mixed episodes of sleep I awoke to a beautiful and calmer day. Not a cloud in the sky, but still a heavy sea.

I made a breakfast of scrambled eggs and salami for Edward and myself and then took over his watch at 0900 for my three hour stint. Fishing line out and got a bite, but whatever it was got away. 

I found a little squid on deck, that must have been wash up by last nights large waves….. to be continued


One thought on “Sicily here we come

  1. Krystyna Bracey

    You won’t get fat on that little squid!! Looks like an interesting start to your travels. You really should think of writing a book! I will help!!
    Carry on enjoying yourself and I hope your two partners in crime enjoy their time too.

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