A quick tour of Sicily

Today we decided to hire a rental car and take a trip to Etna and Taormina.

The office staff at Capo d’Orlando were fantastic, especially Laura. We asked for a hire car and within 20 minutes she had it delivered to the marina and we set off on our journey. We had to stop off in town at the car hire company to fill in the paperwork and pay. We drew lots for who wou;ld drive and Bill became our driver for the day. I car was grossly uder powered as we soon found out. The GoogleMaps application took us the scenic route, which off course ment cross country and for roads not fit for cattle let alone a car. Indeed some slopes were difficult to ascend, with the wheels spinning for grip. But we mad it. Arrival at Etna was disappointing for two reasons. Firstly it was raining and visibility was poor and secondly, in my point of view, it is very commercialised and not at all like a heritage site. Nonetheless, we had a bit to eat and the set off in a car back down the slopes, which was considerably easier than the climb up, much to Bill’s relief.

The rain had cleared somewhat, and we managed to get some great shoots of the clouds below and the decimated landscape.

Our hire car with Ed and Bill. Bill looking anxious about the next slope.
Rough terrain and decimated landscape from previous eruptions.


We then set off for Taormina, a suggestion of Elaine, Ed’s wife, who texted us that this was a place to visit, and indeed it was.

A fantastic and beautiful town, full of life and culture, beauty and off course thousands of tourists. Wonderful views and spoilt for choice for resturants, bars, shops and churches. Photos below hopefully show its beauty.



One thought on “A quick tour of Sicily

  1. Krystyna Bracey

    Fascinating – what a lovely place to visit. Not so sure about your trip to Mount Etna – sounded scary!
    Wonderful pictures and great diary comment.
    Looking forward to more of your adventures.

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