And onto Palermo

We left our Jetty at 0530 as planned and weighed anchor only to find a rock being pulled with it. It was the six we of a football, when we tried to remove it it sparkled with phosphorescent lights from creatures that were attached to it. As it was still dark we could see their glow very clearly. Rock dislodged we stowed the anchor and motored out of the bay and into open water and a wonderful dawn and a new day.

We engined, motor sailed and sailed toward Palermo, a 65 mile journey that we must do today to miss bad weather and catch flights.

As we approached we saw huge rain squalls over Palermo, fortunately we missed them, being a few miles out. As we arrived at this busy port, the sun was shining and large cruise ship was leaving through the entrance.

Rain Squalls over Palermo

Cruise ship leaving as we were entering the Port of Palermo

Our new home for three nights

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