Another day dawns in Ponza

A lazy start at our anchorage in Ponza. The morning consisted on flying the drone, pottering around on the tender and eventually I made some spaghetti Vongole from our previous days purchase. By all accounts it was fantastic, but I only ascertained this by the silence and enthusiasm it was eaten in. Joking aside they were pretty good Vongole as supplied by our Gaetan fishmonger.

Nothing better than eating al Fresco.
Vongole ala Ricardo

After the obligatory siesta, we took our tender into Ponza for cakes and coffee.

Ponza Harbour
A fellow Englishman.

Returning to Arctura and I’m back to the galley to create a Crazy Water Sea Bream, this is becoming a theme ?⛵️??

Another Ricardo creation -Crazy Water Fish. Sea Bream – Lightly fried and then steamed in tomatoes, garlic, chilli, parsley and the obligatory olive oli.


One thought on “Another day dawns in Ponza

  1. Krystyna Bracey

    Wonderful photos. Stunning sunny weather – not quite like that here!
    You are quite the ‘chef’ aren’t you? The Sea Bream looks delicious, again, great photos.
    Happy sailing until the next blog!!

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