Any finally a fish

Well we finally caught a fish on what is probably our last day of sailing. On our way to Cagliari we landed ourselves a whopper. It took me 1o minuets and all my strength to land this wonderful beast, which we believe to be a Blue Marlin. I managed to get it clsose the the stern of Arctura and Ed promptly deployed the gaff and despatched our catch with a few blows to the head with our every faithful winch handle. Once on board and gutted we estimated a go 4 kgs of edible fish. The rest was thrown overboard for the delights of the dolphins. Our chef Paul cooked an amazing meal with the most succulent and tender fish we have ever tasted. Reddish/Pink flesh a real delight to eat. We also rescued a couple how had extreme difficulty in mooring up in 20 kt winds with me jumping on board and Ed orchestrating event on the pontoon. After safely mooring their yacht, they visited Arctura to express their gratitude and we were all invited to their flat tomorrow evening. Needless to say we gave them four large fillets of our Marlin to cement our newly found friendship. Watch this space for an update of how we got on.

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