At anchor at Vulcano

We arrived at the sulphurous island of Vulcano at 17:00 and anchored in 3.6 metres of water, approximately 200 metres from the black pumice beach.  The bay we decided on was Porto di Ponente, seen above. This bay is to the North East side of the island, with the main ferry port literally the other side. The holding was good and we found no problem anchoring at our first attempt. Wonderful views of Vulcano, with its steaming sulphurous vents. There is however no smell of sulphur in this bay, this is left for the opposite bay, where the mud baths lie.

And so we settled for the night, which was comfortable with minimal rocking, even though we were beam on for part of the night.

The plan was to concur Vulcano the next day.


Ponente Bay at sunset


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