At anchor in Porto Palma Bay

We stayed here for two nights. It’s a beautiful and very sheltered anchorage with less sweel than you get at Town Quays marina in Southampton. In fact there was no sweel. The peacefulness was only interrupted by the passing a small sailing dingies training the new population of future yachtmen and women.

We dedcied the walk into Madellena, which was a 12km walk. The first part through the picturesque national park covered with pine trees and always wonderful views. 

Across the bridge and it becomes a different world, industrial and full of what appears to be dilapidated council estates.

On reaching Madellena however the world changes again into a beautiful working harbour, bustling with tourists and a range of fantastic restaurants, one of which we frequented. We caught a cab back to Porto Palma and back to Arctura via our ever faithful tender, which has yet to be named. 

The day was completed by a spectacular sunset and culminated by an explosion of bright stars and planets across the darkness of space.


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