Beaulieu Revisited

Today is brighter and warmer than the previous day. Indeed, it’s tee-shirt weather. Our plan was to take a trip up stream, on the river Medina, and to the capital of the Isle of Wight, Newport.

But, all plans change and Ed decided to stay on for another day and we both decided to return to Beaulieu. We were going to have another attempt sailing towards the village as I was disappointed that I backed out on the first attempt.

We booked our lock exit for 1130 and had to be ready by 1115 for instruction from the marina. Promptly, at 1115, the marina radioed us. We were instructed to slip lines and make our way towards the lock. This time it wasn’t free flow. We entered the lock and were thrown bow an stern lines, by the marina staff. Once locked in, the water emptied and we dropped some 2 metres to the level,of the welcoming river Medina.

Entering the lock
Ed being thrown a line
Leaving the lock. You can see how shallow it is by the grounded red buoy.
A glance back and a fond farewell to Island Harbour

We motored downstream crossed the Solent and to Beaulieu. Passing Bucklers Hard, we continued upstream, for our second attempt at reaching Beaulieu village. This time I was braver and more determined. Passing the point we had reached the day before, the depth kept decreasing and the river narrowing. However, this time my resolve prevailed and after a few more bends we reached the village and could see traffic crossing the small road bridge, that prevented any further progress, well that and the fact that we were running out of depth.

Objective achieve – Beaulieu Village and the road bridge.
A very happy me, with Beaulieu village and road bridge in the background

Goal achieved, we headed back downstream, and to Bucklers Hard. This time we had a very private berth on C9. Another meal and refreshments at “The Master Builder” beaconed.😊⛵️

Chart showing the Beaulieu river, not the green area near the village. green indicating drying area.
Chart showing the depths as one approaches the village
Tidal heights for the day. The air pressure was 1027, standard air pressure is 1013, so we would have had less water than indicated on the charts and tidal curve.

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