Bonifacio to Castelstrado

Before departing I noticed a fishing boat entering our marina not 100 metres from Arctura and so i investigated. After a quick chit chat with the fisherman I ascertained that their product was up for sale and so i bought a couple of sea bream for consumption later on into our trip.

The local fisherman
The catch of the day

So we readied Arctura and left for Castelstrado, slipping lines at 10:53 and raising sail as soon as we were outside the harbour entrance. Great downwind sailing all the way to the entrance of Castelstrado with speed topping 7.6 knots. We moored up against another Dufour, but slightly bigger at 50 feet. A pleasant English couple on board, Sarah and Shawn. We decided to stay two nights and will walk up to Castelstrado tomorrow. Fantastic supermarket, not 100 metres from our berth and fully stocked with typical Italian foods with a fantastic meat and cheese counter. A large supermarket that caters for the local residents as well as the visitors to the marina.

Castelsardo as seen from the sea


The marina entrance




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