Cala Domestica to Cala Piscinni

Another early morning start, this time we were up at 0500 to leave at 0530. We eventually weighed anchor at 0554 and we quietly slipped past our only neighbours, a Belgium yacht, that was already in the Cala when we had arrived.

This is such a wonderful place that it would be nice to have stayed another day and explore the shore a little more. That said, I dare say it’s extremely busy on the weekends with visiting locals and in summer probably unbearably busy. In fact I remember a year ago, when Ed and I passed this Cala and attempted to go in, that it was extremely busy and one couldn’t swing a cat within its confines.

As soon as we were out of the Cala by a few hundred yards we had unexpected winds, and put our sails up. These were to stay up, although reefed, all the way to our new destination some 62 miles away. We had a cracking sail past the islands of S. Pietro and S.Antioco.

Out the blue we saw a “Guardia Di Finanza” vessel approaching us from our starboard side, they came close and then behind us, and over our fishing line, and we caught our biggest fish yet. The line went crazy and we eventually had to cut the line with our knife as this was one catch we didn’t want to land ?. They were obviously trying to call us, but as we had our deck speaker off, we didn’t hear them. Another lesson learnt. Anyway, they left us alone, taking our lure with them.

We continued on our route being headed by the 20 kt winds. We tacked 9 times towards our original destination of Tuarredda. As we drew near, I noticed two yachts anchored to the east of Tuarredda and pointed these out to Ed. After a brief discussion we decided to take a look and tacked towards the Cala Piscinni.

As we sailed into the Cala, the wind and waves dropped to nothing, being sheltered by the land. It looked a remarkably peaceful, protected place and ideal for a night stop. So we dropped anchor in 4 mtrs of water and were safely in by 1710. This probably saved us 1 hour off our journey and both Ed and I were happy to relax on deck in our newly found home for the evening. The night was calm and one of the most peaceful we’ve had, no rolling at all.

Ed, putting the anchor snubber on for a restful evening

Cala Piscinni
Sunset over Cala Piscinni

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