Day 11 – resting up on Isloa Del Giglio

A day of rest on the wonderful Island of Giglio.

This is where the Costa Concordia sank and so a sad place in many ways but also beautiful. it’s nice to see the locals respect those deceased in the tragedy. They have placed a statue and plaque as a remeberance.

We caught a bus to Castillo for a walk around the old town and then to the beech for lunch. Whist there we saw a Polish Tall Ship, the Pogoria from Gdynia.

We can back and the boys had a sieasta, whilst I caught the bus back up to Castello and walked back 6kms via an ancient Roman Road. Here are some of the views on the way back.

Then back to Arctura for some friendly advise from our German neighbours about places to visit in Sardinia, for which we sail tomorrow.

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