Day 2 in the Mediterranean 

Just before dawn I saw Venus rising in the east just above the horizon.Relieved from watch by Ed at 0600 and after a handover and chat I went to my bunk for a good 3 hour sleep.

0930, up and had coffee and joined Paul on deck for a chat and glorious visit by a pod of dolphins. Ed catching up on sleep and joined us at 1130.

Weather looks good for push onto Elba. We are currently 45 mile from Toulon to our North East. Weather is currently an easterly 10kts and veering south and then west/north westerly F4.

It’s Sunday at 1540 and I’ve just had the most amazing shower. Ed put on the generator and heated up the water for me. I feel as fresh as a daisy and I now sit here on deck and absorb the Mediteranean sun. The sun is out and no land in site, just water, water everywhere. Paul prepared a beautiful lunch of pizza and green salad. The wind is a steady 10 it’s SE.

Ive just given Ed a break to take a shower as Arctura isn’t healing too much and we have to take these opportunities as they arise. Glorious day, with wonderful friends.

2045 Sunday just about to start my watch and the sun has just set and the sky is half clear and half obscured. All clear on the horizon. No ships in site.

2118 The sun has set about an hour ago and now the moon has predominance over the sky. The stars and planets are beginning to come out. First Jupiter and then Mars, followed by a sea of stars that we call our galaxy, The Milky Way. What a wonderful world we live in. The nearest land is about 100kms away and the nearest people to me apart from those on the yacht are also that distance away.


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