Dinner with Kamila and Alex

10th of July 2019

Returning from Sardinia to the greenness, coolness and wetness of England is surprisingly refreshing. Today Alex and I went to my Mum’s to cut the grass and pick up three pieces of cutlery, which have our coat of arms on it, “Korczak” The chap at the auction house saved a few pieces for me after researching its origins. In hindsight i should have kept more, but the set was incomplete.

After that, Alex and I headed for Sowa and then Kamila joined us at Northfields and we drove around Ealing, Hanwell and Acton, as Kami wants to buy a house in that area.

Then back to Esher, for dinner at “The Wheatsheaf” A lovely time with Kami and Alex.

At the Wheatsheaf

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