Our second day in Trapani was started with a trip to Erice, a small town on the summit of Mount Erice, some 750 metres above sea level.

Unfortunately, the cable car that I had used to get their last time was undergoing maintenance work and so the only option left was a ATS bus ride all the way from Trapani ferry port to the summit.

We had breakfast as we waited for the 1130 bus, which would take an hour to get there.

The bus arrive promptly at 1130 and the bus ride was extraordinary beautiful as it wound its way up the narrow road with wonder sea views including that of our marina and the city of Trapani.

On arrival we immediately noticed the drop in temperature from the city of Trapani some 750 metres below.

View from the bus as we ascended to Erice
Massimo and Alex in the narrow cobbled streets of Erice

I had come prepared as last time I was here I was caught out. This time I had dumpers and coats for Alex and myself, even so it was only e cold side and we made our way up the narrow cobbled streets to find a hostilely for a spot of lunch. It wasn’t easy finding anything open out of season and all the tourist attraction and restaurants were closed, but we found a hotel ” Hotel Moderno on Via Vittorio Emanuele” that was offering a menu of the day as well as steak for Alex.

Massimo pointing out the city of Trapani from the summit of Erice One of the lovely gardens and fountains in Erice

After lunch, we walked through the cobbled street and thought of what life might have been like for the people who established this town and the reasons that drove them to do so so high on the mountain.

There we only another two buses returning that day the 1500 and the 1830 and we opted for the earlier of the two. One to get back whilst it was still light and two we had a restaurant booked for 2000 in the modern part of Trapani.

Have dog will travel – catching the bus back from Erice to Trapani

We had to put Arba in my ruck sack to permit Arba to travel by us by public transport. Thankfully she didn’t stay in it for the whole one hour journey, Italian bureaucracy.

Back in Trapani, and a walk from the marina to the new town, approximately2 kms

Our fine dining restaurant in the new town