We left Salina and set sail for the island of Filicudi some 15 miles away.

The wind had picked up to a modest 14 kts and we sailed to within 6 miles when the wind dropped and we then motored the rest of the way.

Arriving, we found a pretty old and battered jetty to which we anchor moored. This is the first time we tried this and it seemed pretty straight forward reversing whilst laying out the anchor chain’t and then attaching stern lines to the jetty.

At about 1800 and took a walk to the town about 1.5 kts away, unfortunately all up hill and about a third of the way up the volcano. We found a bar/restaurant which we entered through a door and it was empty, that included the owners and or staff. We waited 5 minutes and after calling out several times decided to leave. We could have helped ourselves to the many bottles of wines and spirits on display as the place was totally deserted.

In the fading light we made our way down a steep walkway/path and back to Arya and a wonderful risotto prepared by Stefano.

The island is pretty sparsely populated, but worth a visit in calm weather, for pleasant walks and fantastic views.

Early to bed tonight as we have a 0600 start tomorrow for Palermo.

Arya against the Town Jetty

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