Finding items on a Yacht – safety tip one

I have started making Seraphim my own. This initially involved storing all tools and valuable accessories on board. The main stowage problems on a yacht is space and being able to find things. I decided to store most on my tools and valuable accessories under the fore cabin bunk. This is an easily accessible storage area and I mange to store almost everything.

It’s my belief that from a safety perspective it’s important to have quick access to tools. Not only for me, but also for the entire crew. Imagine a scenario where I’m incapacitated and the crew need vital equipment to resolve a leak or engine issue. Where would they start, how would they ever be able to find stuff ?

With is in mind I placed all tools in easily accessible plastic storage boxes, which keeps similar tools together, dry and protected. All boxes are clearly labeled with an indelible marker and then mapped on a diagram with is available to crew in printable format. To enhance the finding process, I have also made this available in pdf format, which can be installed on any phone or tablet, of crew members. The crew can simply type in a keyword and find the location of the said item which will be displayed on their device.

Here is an example of the fore cabin location map and I intend to do the same for all other areas of yacht. This will not only include tools, but also safety equipment, cooking utensils, sails, etc etc etc

Fore Cabin location map

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