Lazy Dayz

There is something special about sleeping on a yacht, even in a marina. Both Alex and I slept soundly and woke up to glorious sunshine and totally relaxed.

Lazy days

A Lazy start and by the time we fully awoke it was just about time for lunch. We headed for our usual Aquila restaurant and had a relaxing 2 hour lunch, sitting outside, in a light breeze, but with temperatures hitting 34 degrees.

Lunch at Aquila

A quick siesta and then Michal offered to drive us to Poetto beach. Michal, is a Polish chap who has his power boat in the same marina, Sant Elmo. A lovely chap, married to a French Canadian, and inviting in Canada. He has interesting stories, about escapes from Poland in the 50’s / 60’s. Anyway more on that later.

Another fun swim on the beach and then bussing it back to Sant Elmo.

Poetto Beach

Time to do some work,. We had to fill the diesel tanks and put up the repaired genoa.

Massimo did the rabbit run of filling portable diesel containers from the local car petrol station and driving them back to the marina and trolleyed onto Aria. It seem crazy to do this, but the price on the local fuel pontoon is €2.00 per ltr and the fuel from the petrol station is €1.50. So filling up 200 ltrs this way saves us €100. So worth the effort and in reality, by the time you get the yacht ready for the trip to the local fuel pontoon and get there, fuel and come back, takes an hour also.

We then headed to the Rari Nantes swimming pool restaurant and treated Massimo and Marta to a meal of Steaks and pizza, Alex had a steak off coarse, as did Massimo.

Rari Nantes
Rari Nantes with the Massimo’s

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  1. Krystyna Bracey

    Wow, life looks like one long holiday for you!! Have a great days sailing and enjoy the freedom of the seas xx

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