Long Lost Family Reunion

Another trip to London and probably the last one before Alex returns to Poland. This time we had a very special meeting with my first cousin once removed, I think. His name is Roger and he is visiting London with his wife Cathy for one day, before starting a tour of France, Italy and other parts of Europe.

The reunion came about due to my long lost cousin, Krystyna, doing a DNA check and being matched with Roger, who did likewise through Ancestory.com. So these things do seem to work.

Before we met up for lunch at the 6 floor restaurant of the Tate Modern, we met Krystyna, and I guided both Krystyna and Alex on an impromptu tour of the Millennium Bridge, the surroundings of St. Paul’s Cathedral and Smithfield Market.

Alex strolling along the Southbank

Alex and Krystyna on the Millennium Bridge, looking east with the city and Tower Bridge in the distance

St. Paul’s

We strolled the 1/2 mile to Smithfield Market and although closed, managed to sense the hustle and bustle. Found memories flooded back as I remembered my Father who had worked here for 40 years and whose life ended here, when he visited this place one last time with his Grand Daughter, Kamila, and regrettably died from a heart attack on these very streets. God bless Boleslaw Wasilkowski.

The streets of Smithfield Market

One of the main entrances the the market

We made our way back through St Barts and the narrow streets approaching St Paul’s and onto the Tate Modern, for our rendezvous with our American/Polish cousins.

Alex and a fountain in St Barts

Alex, in a London Taxi with Smithfield Market in the background

Commemorative statue for the fire fighters who saved London and St Paul’s during the Second World War

Finally arriving at the 6th floor restaurant at the Tate Modern, we met Roger, my cousin and his wife Cathy. Wonderful warm people. We sat and chatted, exchanging family stories, history and jokes. A wonderful meal, together with fine wines and wondrous views of the beautiful city of London.

Family gathering, Roger, Cathy, Krystyna, Alex and me, with the beautiful backdrop of St Pauls

Cathy and Krystyna

Before we knew it time had slipped past and we headed back to our respective homes and hotels. But before we parted we managed to share a Guinness and some Gin and Tonics at a Local hostelry on the Thames. After which Alex and I escorted our visitors to BlackFriars and shared a tube ride with them, making sure they caught the right train. We all hope to meet again, perhaps State side, but will certainly remain in contact. Thank you Roger and Cathy for your generosity.

Roger and Cathy at Blackfriars Tube Station

Alex seems at home, but not sure about Roger

Where’s Cathy??

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