Meeted and Greeted

Edward stepping on to EasyJet destination Cagliari

Arrival in Cagliari was one of pleasure and fond remembrance of this beautiful place.

We were greeted by our very good friends Massimo and off course Arba. After a fantastic drive through the city centre in a vintage Citroen it was time to settle down and unpack.

Meeted and Greeted
Massimo, Arba and Citroen awaited our arrival in Cagliari


It wasn’t long before Massimo picked us up from the marina and invited us to his home for a fantastic meal of spaghetti vongle followed by a amazing squid salad.

A Special Treat of Spaghetti Vongole
Squid Salad
A delightful Squid salad with spicy tomatoes
Arba at Home
Edward with Arba

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