Oh what a wonderful day

Another fantastic day in paradise. Waking up in this beautiful place is full of joyful happiness. Everything is so easy. Even a simple trip to the ablutions ended up in meeting Massillon by chance, having a coffee and when I mentioned that we my go to CarloForte tomorrow, he offers to drive us there in exchange for some sailing tuition of course.

After washing Arcturus, we made our way into town and showed Paul the site, eventually strolling into one of the restaurants recommended by Marta.

After 10 individual courses which included octopus, cuttle fish, mussels, cheeses, hams, meats, Vongole, smails, sorbets, wines, deserts wines and coffee, we were ready for a gentle stroll back to Arctura for a siesta. All this for €30 per head.

Here are just some on the photos of our day.

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