Porto Vecchio

The sail to Porto Vechio was uneventful apart from the fact the we caught another Tuna, this time bigger.

We despatched and filleted the Tuna on the go and by the time we had finished we were approaching Punta san Ciprianu and the entrance into the bay at the end of which was Porto Vecchio. The wind by this time had picked up to 25kts and Ed was a little worried that we may not manage to moor up. However, once through the wind had died down to 15kts and we were stern to anyway, so not a issue.

Ile de Cortuna-one of the small isolated rock islands on route

Tourelle Pecorella with a yacht passing close to the rocks

As wash down of Arctura and then lunch on board before we set off to the supermarket for fresh supplies.

The Super market, “L’Leclerc” is less than a mile away and the food available was not only abundant, but of excellent quality.

The view on our walk to the E’Leclerc supermarket

We decided to pay a visit into the old town, a short walk up the hill and were not disappointed. Full of restaurant and bars in quaint narrow street, lit by wonder street lamps with their own character. Full of people and especially adorable and very pretty French girls and women with their “Je ne sails quoi” characters and appearance. The town was bubbling with life and so we decided to join and contribute to the ambiance and had a wonderful Pizza and wine at a adorable rustic restaurant called “U Caseddu” on Rue Jerome Landri, The tuna will have to wait until tomorrow ?

Port Vecchio is definitely worth a visit, 5 stars.

Church of Saint Jean Baptiste

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