Road Trip to Barumini and Villasimius

The first few days in Sardinia were spent visiting archaeological sites and taking nature walks. We hired a car for £32 for four days, unbelievable bargain. This allowed to venture in land to Barumini. We were here to visit the archeological site of “Su Nuraxi Di Barumini”, an ancient people called the Nuraghe, that inhabited Sardinia 1700 BC. Unbelievable remains of Bronze Age people, with amazing architectural skills. But before we did that we had lunch in a restaurant opposite the site called “Il Cacallinno Della Giara”. A good choice of Mortadella with a side dish of fresh cherry tomatoes. Delicious and very reasonably priced with pleasant service.

Restaurant – Il Cacallinno Della Giara
Interior of Restaurant – Il Cacallinno Della Giara
This is apparently a foot bath and sauna, or so we were told by our tour guide.
The Bronze Age village

Ed in one of the passages in the courtyards
Chiesa Parochial of Immacolata in the village of Barumini

Our next plan was to take the coastal road to Villasimius. This meant travelling all the way back to Cagliari and then heading east along the coastal road. The road proved absolutely wonderful along the coast with amazing views of the sea and shore. We passed by many anchorages that we had visited both on Arctura and Arya.

Fantastic views of the anchorages along the coastal road to Villasimius

Spectacular sunsets at Fortezza Vecchia and dusk overlooking Solanas

We arrived in Villasimius in time for the sunset and then started our return towards the setting sun and Cagliari.

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