Sunrise in Liberotto

My son Alex, woke me up with a ping of my phone and a text at 0556. Although at first, a little annoyed at being woken up, I was please to hear from him and then doubly please when I realised that i would catch the sunrise, which I adore and wanted to get up to see anyway. He must be telepathic. Anyway, I went on deck and witnessed the incredible sunrise, which I was able to share whilst video/talking to Alex on Facetime. It’s kids day in Poland today and he texted me to remind me of that.

Wonderful Sunrise in Liberotto

Well, back to the business of sailing. Although the wind had dropped by 2100, the previous night, a light swell came into the bay. Arctura rolled gently as we were beam on. Enough to make it mildly uncomfortable, but by 0100 in the morning, it seemed to settle a little, as the wind backed from North to Northwest, which helped a little. The joys of anchoring. If we had a kedge anchor, it would have come in handy, keeping our bow into the swell and making it more comfortable in this gentle swell. I for one would rather the mild discomfort and be rewarded with the exquisite tranquility of the new day and new beginning, in a beautiful place and with a glorious gift from the heavens of the sun rising and bringing life to a new day.

One thought on “Sunrise in Liberotto

  1. Krystyna Bracey

    What better way to start the day witnessing a beautiful sunrise. Lovely photo. Thank you for the beautiful image.
    Have a good day, whatever you indulge in.

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