The Draw of the Beaulieu

Last time I went sailing with my friend Jacques,we talked about inviting his wife Stella for a day on the water. That is exactly what we did and we decided to sail up the River Beaulieu and moor up as far upstream as we dare on a low tide.

We arranged to meet at 0900, and as usual Jacque and Stella were on time, in fact early. So we had a cup of tea and slipped lines at 0918.

Seraphim at universal, just before departure

With no wind we motored up to the entrance of the River Beaulieu. Depth went down to 1.2m, but with the keel and rudder up, and only drawing 0.7m we were well wishin imits.Eventually, at 1300, we picked up a mooring buoy opposite a luxury house, which seemed to be built entirely from glass. Settling into our quite and peaceful surroundings, we proceeded to have a lunch of home made quiche and salad, helped down with a glass of red.

Making our way upstream, with Jacque at the helm and Stella navigating

With not a soul in site we relaxed for a couple of hours, taking in the breathtaking views and enjoying our solitude.

Our home made lunch, care of Stella
Stella and Jacque relaxing after lunch
This is how far we got
Just short of the village
Not much water here !!

At 1500, we left on a rising tide and as we entered deeper water I lowered the rudder for more control. A little too early as we grazed the bottom and the hydraulic rupture plug did its job, ruptured and release the pressure from the hydraulics, thus preventing damage to the rudder. Easily replaced, we continued with our journey and even got to sail most of the way back to Universal.

Just manage to out run the rain

Reversing into our pontoon, Jacque stepped off the stern bathing platform, tie our rear line and we were safely in and within notime enjoying a beer and homemade cake.

A pleasant day had by all, and Bembridge beckons for our next adventure together.

Universal marina at dusk

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