Train ride to Naples

Today we decided to take a train into Naples, so we left Arctura at 09:00 for the 2.2 km walk to Salerno Stazione. We bought our tickets, €15 return, and caught the 10:33 to Naples.

Salerno train station

I had been to Naples two years earlier and getting out of the train station was reminded that nothing much had changed. A overcrowded, polluted, dirty and noisy city, where you put your life in the hands of mad motorists and feel extremely edgy about the safety of yourself and your wallet and iPhone. That said we made our way from Naples train station to a wonderful Pizza place, recommended to us by our friendly Marina ormeggiatori. Again about a 2km walk and the resturant “ Di Matteo “ had wonderful pizzas and good wine. The pizza were generally €5 each as was a bottle of house wine.

Pizza “Di Matteo” you can always tell a good pizza by the size of the chef.


Refreshed, fed and watered we move through the narrow streets of Naples and explored the city. Churches every 100 metres and souvenir shops and resturants even more frequent. We signed up for an underground tour of the City and found it fascinating how the ancient Romans lived. From what it seemed in better standards than the current occupants.

Parking meter respect in Naples
A local resident watching street life go by. She was there when we started our walk and was still there again 5 hours later, on our way back. Maybe its better than watching TV.
Local school children performing a play
Narrow streets with souvenir shops

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