Yarmouth to Beaulieu

Another beautiful clear and crisp morning. We prepared Seraphim for a short jolt over the Solent from Yarmouth towards Bucklers Hard in the river Beaulieu.

Leaving Yarmouth

We slipped lines at 1020 and once out of Yarmouth harbour, raised sails and tacked our way over to the entrance of the river Beaulieu. Seraphim performed wonderfully. She was easy to sail and tack and almost performed like a large dinghy. By 1200 we were sailing the transit and over the bar and into the river. We almost sailed the entire way to Bucklers Hard, but unfortunately the wind died and we had to engage the use of our engine.

Sailing across the Solent
Sailing the transit into Beaulieu river

By 1315 we were at our berth and 20 minutes later sitting in the serene gardens of the Master Builder, supping a pint of real ale, first one for many months.

Bucklers Hard around the next turn
View from the Master Builder

It was here ,in the early 18th century, where many naval ships and others were built and launched. In those days there must have been a hive of activity here. Indeed you can still the cut out shapes of hulls, where the ships were built and subsequently launched. The is a maritime museum here and in Beaulieu itself and motor museum, Beaulieu house and the ruins of an abbey.

Seraphim at her berth

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