A day in BoniFacio

This is my third time here and this place never ceases to amaze me. This time we all spent a leisurely later afternoon, going to the marina office, paying our dues €116, OW!!!, filing water tanks and cleaning Arya. After which I managed to slip of with Alex for a ice cream and beer, a beer for me that is ?

A small beer, pour moi

In the evening, we set of into the Citadel. It’s always wonderful, walking through these delightful narrow street, full of shops and restaurants all accompanied by incredible views of either the sea and spectacular cliffs on on side or spectacular sights of the yachts and marina below, on the other side.

The marina on one side
Spectacular views the other side

The marina at night

We were recommended a pizza restaurant “U Castile”, by the marina staff, which we headed for after our sight seeing. It proved a great recommendation, with all of us delighting in the good quality, fresh pizzas, produced on the premises.

Preparing our pizza, under Alex’s supervision

After dinner, we headed back down into the bustling port and marina and joined in with the merriments of the late evening and early morning.

Alex also managed to talk his way into a delightful sweet shop by the quayside.

Alex in sweet shop heaven

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