Farewell Sardinia

Well no sooner than you think your holiday is over and the sailing is done, then out pops a surprise.

After a lunch time meal at our favourite restaurant “Aquila” we return to Arya for a siesta. No sooner had we put our heads down there was a knock on the hatch. Massimo and Marta had turned up and offered to take us to anchor at Sella del Diavolo, an anchorage a mere 3nms from Sant Elmo marina.

We anchored in 3.3 mtrs and immediately went for a swim to cool down in the 38 degrees of heat. The water was as warm as bath water, but refreshing none the less. We stayed for hours, enjoying the Cala, and simply snorkelling and splashing around. Even Arba, with here new found sea legs joined in the fun.

Snorkelling yet again
Water polo

Alex didn’t want to leave
Arba, joining in the fun

The Cala was cooler, and as we left and headed back to Sant Elmo, we could immediately feel the hot wind, which like a hair drier, almost immediately dried our swimming consumes and clothes.

Back in the marina, we ordered take away pizzas, and reminisced about our adventures.

In our 9 days at sea we covered over 400 nm, anchored in 14 Calas, visited only 2 marinas, saw dolphins, Moray eels, empty secluded bays, paradise beaches, two night sails, stars and planets,visited two Countries, but above all had the most wonderful of times with our great friends Marta, Massimo and off course Arba.

Thank you to them and for the most wonderful of hoilidays, which will stay in Alex’s and my heart and mind forever. THANK YOU

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