A new season in Sardinia

Due to several unforeseen circumstance our planed trip for the latter part of 2018 was cancelled, but both Edward and I are back with added vigour for the beginning of our 2019 adventure on Arctura in and around Sardinia and beyond, we hope.

My day, as usual, started of with a 0330 start to finish packing and prepare the house for my absence. The can taxi arrived promptly at 0530 and set of for Gatwick and the beginning of new adventure.

Wonderful skies over Gatwick prior to departure

Linear cloud patterns over France

I was going to take a taxi from the Cagliari airport to the marina, but upon my arrival in Cagliari and just as I was collecting my hold baggage, I received a call from Massimo, stating that he was at the airport, picking up other friends, and invited me to a lift and lunch at his and Marta’s, joined by their friends and Edward.

Melted and greeted at Cagliari airport with Massimo and Arba

We had a wonderfully prepared lunch of Tagliatelle Bolognese prepared by Massimo and shared with Marta, Nikoleta, Edward, Arba and myself. Downed with a fine bottle of red and finished of with pastries and Grappa.

From left to right – Nikoleta, Edward, Marco, me and Arba at Marta and Massimo’s

Back to Arctura and then to the supermarket for provisioning. We found a new one, which is only 1.4 kms from the Marina and easily accessible via a cycle/walking route, although this time we got a lift with Nikoleta and Marco. The address is Vialle del Poetta. They probably deliver also, but we haven’t tried yet. So, provisioned up for the next few days, we had a quick rest before going out for a pizza with our friends.

We were going to go to our favorite, basic, cheap and cheerful place, Pizzeria Da Paolo on Viale Armando Diaz 62, but were unfortunately out voted, and ended up at LolLove Pizzeria, which was in our opinion below average, Hey Ho. Nether the less, a good time was had by all.

Arba – choosing examining the menu

Anchovies, Caper and black Olive pizza
Marco and Massimo at the pizza restaurant

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