Hurst on Honolee

Another early morning start, this time setting up at 0530 and then making my way from Esher to Yaga, in Southampton, before heading to Sway to meet Warren on the farm.

Warren and I headed out of Lymington and out into the Solent, slipping lines at 1030. With a west going tide, we headed out through Hurst and toward Christchurch Bay. Sails raised almost immediately, I might add?.

We sailed through Hurst and towards the N E Shingles cardinal mark and then tacked towards North Head lateral mark through the North channel.

After Heavy to, we sailed further west and then turned south towards the safe water mark and through the Neddles channel, Hurst and back to Honolee’s base of Lymington. A final perfect mooring procedure, by Warren, in relatively high winds made the day. And all this completed with a fine Indian meal in Milford on sea with Wanda and Warren.

Interesting cloud formation

The Needles light house

Warren at the helm

Our route

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