An evening with friends

After two months it was finally time for a haircut. Massimo can to pick us up to take us for our trim. Ed was still busy with the washing and so I went out with Massimo for a quick coffee and then returned to pick up Ed. The hair dresser Massimo uses was busy until 14:00 and so we were invited to Marta’s and Massimos appartment for an impromptu lunch of pasta. Lovely as ever.

Then onto our haircuts.



After having our trim we felt it befitting to invite our friends, Marta and Massimo for an evening meal at a fantastic Sardinian resturant “Sa Domu Sarda”. A fantastic place with traditional Sardinia dishes. I had the stewed donkey, not all of it of course ?. At the end of the meal, some wonderful news that Marta and Massimo are getting married in August and have invited us for this special day. Alex will be thrilled when he an I come out in August for this special day. I AM SO HAPPY FOR THEM. And its an honour to be invited.

Celebrating the good news with Marta and Massimo

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