Homeward Bound

We spent a couple of days on CarloForte. We had been before with our friend Massimo, but that time by ferry and only for a couple of hours. This time was a very different experience and we felt relaxed in the charming atmosphere of the seafront cafes and resturants. We were recommended a lovely resturant “ Torro di Corsa “, where I treated Ed to another meal for the use of Arctura and a wonderful Oddesey around the Mediterranean. The resturant specialises in Tuna dishes, using all the different parts of this wonderful fish, including the heart, stomach and of course the finest fillets.

The heart is the one on the far left
I couldn’t wait and took a bite before taking the photo


We then progressed south east and towards a very beautiful anchorage, Porto Zafferano. It’s very sheltered and being in a military zone we were the only yacht in the bay. The only other activity was a small fishing boat casting its nets across the bay, we must have gone over them as we came in as later in the evening we could see him gathering them in with the catch of the day.


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