The last Leg

They day has arrived for our final leg to Arctura’s home port of Cagliari. We weighed anchor at 08:24 and after sailing past Marta and Massimo’s anchored yacht, where there was no sign of life, proceeded out of the bay and raised our sails. The wind was 15kts and building quickly and we started sailing at a brisk 6kts almost immediately.

We made our way eastwards and towards Cagliari, the wind picking up and our speed increasing. We had a cracking sail all the way being hit by 30kt gusts and heavy rain showers, but the sail was exhilarating and a fine and rememberable end to a 1,100nm journey.

Arriving at Cagliari, the wind dropped as if by magic to allow for a easy mooring and as soon as tied up and safe the wind picked up again.

And so the end of a 46 day voyage, covering 1,100 nm and encompassing 21 locations.

I hope you have all enjoyed following my travels, any comments and suggestions are always welcome. Keep watching the blog for future trips and updates and I will try a publish a video of our Mediterranean Odyssey, with previously unseen footage and more photos.

A map of the Mediterranean Odyssey 2018


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