At last the Maddelenas

Tuesday the 2nd of July 2019

After the night sail we decided to take a quick breakfast stop at the wonderful island of Tavolara, there was only one other yacht anchored nearby and as we ate our breakfast an sea plane few overhead. A few minutes later, we saw it again, this time on a final approach and landed a few hundred metres away. Another first, as I’ve never seen a sea landing in real life. After a quick swim for Marta we headed to the south western tip of Tavolara and then across the bay of Olbia. Being here twice before, it was now familiar territory and as the wind picked up we raised our sails and headed onto our next destination, Cavallo.

At Anchor at Tavolara

We had a steady wind and as we entered the beautiful waters of The Maddalena islands, I decided to take us into Cala Coticcio, more commonly referred to as Tahiti beach, because of it’s white sands and turquoise waters. Although, having said that I have seen clearer waters and whiter beaches elsewhere in this area.

I have been her several times before, but in April or May, this time as we sailed in the Cala was full of tenders, zodiacs, motor boats and yachts, not to mention large tourist boats, brining in even more tourists. We decided to stop for a while anyway. There was a free mooring buoy, which I decided to pick up, a first for Massimo. We had a swim amongst the fish, which only just managed to out number the tourists.

The madness of Tahiti beach, not how I remembered it on other occasions. Very busy
Massimo, with hundred of fish in the background

So, refreshed, but somewhat disappointed, with the number of yachts and tourists, and not being able to get onto the beach for lack of space, we pressed on and had a wonderful sail all the way to the entrance of Cala Di Zeri, of the island of Cavallo, arriving 2000 . We anchored in the eastern part of the Cala in 4.5 metres. We readied the tender and made our way to the beach for an evening swim in the warm waters of bay.

Arriving just before sunset at Cala Zeri, Cavallo
Evening swim for Alex

A long day, and now a restful night with dinner under the stars. What a difference to Tahiti, quite and peaceful.

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