Day 5 – Leaving Calvi

We left Calvi at 0500 as planned and set our mail sail in the harbour. We motored out in the darkness and saw Venus rising in the east and left Calvi in it’s romantic glow of subtle lights behind us. A fond farewell to a wonderful town.

Soon the darkness progressively turned to light and the sun rose illuminating our world.

After motoring towards the north cardinal mark we turned off the iron maiden and sailed to the sound of the wind and waves and set course to the northern tip of Corsica. Almost reaching the northern coast  of Corsica  the wind subsided to nothing and we had to motor the rest of the way to the Isola Capraia. We popped our head into Capraia marina, but decided to look at an anchorage further south, which proved to be nothing spectacular and certainly wasn’t sheltered from the predicted upcoming winds.

Back to the marina for a jolly welcome by the harbour master and into our berth for the night.

After aboluting, we went to the most amazing fish restaurant and fantastic food of sea food marinated in lemon and a fish called Sarago, amazing.!!!!!!

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