Day 6 – Waking up on Capraia

The contrast and Country change has a special effect on me. Waking up in Italy rather than France or Spain is surreal. Italian culture is so unique. Slow and laid back and nothing seems to be a problem. Everything seems half full. Walking from Arctura along the marina shore front i wa s inspired to take a walk up to the fortification overlooking our new temporary home. A few metres up a small winding road I found an even smaller steeper winding path that led me to spectacular views of the marina and entrance to Capraia. The village is small and as if in a time warp, with houses overlooking each other by a car width. There are a few restaurants and coffee shop and a oldie worldie delicatesen come grocery store. The walk back down was via a narrow road at a more gentle angle with even more spectacular views. Here are some photos.

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