Hampton Court

18th July 2019

The Palace of Hampton Court is only 2 miles from our home and as always the things that are closet to us are the ones we visit the least. With Krystyna here, we decided to take a trip to this wonderful place. The building of the palace began in 1515 for Cardinal Wolsey, and as he eventually fell out of favour with King Henry VIII was transferred to the King ownership in 1529. It has subsequently been owned by many Kings and Queens.

We spent the day viewing the many halls and rooms and off course the gardens and Royal tennis courts, not to mention the Chapel Royal.

You can spend a whole day here and we almost did. A great history lesson for Alex.

We had the most fantastic time, although we should have allocated more time at this wonderful palace. Full of history and amazing live actors and actresses telling the story of the palace. Live fires with meat roast, unfortunately we weren’t allowed to share in the delicacies.

Alex and Krystyna at Hampton Court Entrance
Alex looking very pensive and listening to his audio guide about the Palace
Katherine of Aragon putting her case for queen toward the court 
Anne Boleyn – “The Most Happy” – making her entrance
The two Queens
Alex in the Courtyard listening to the audio tour
Marzipan chess piece making
Alex couldn’t resist joining in with a lolly
Real open fires and the actors cooking actual beef. Our only regret is that we couldn’t taste it.
Horse tours through the grounds of Hampton Court
Live tennis matches at the Royal tennis courts

Alex joining in the fun, on an electric car provided by the palace
How can you possibly make a child carry your bags whist enjoying your new car

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