Northward bound

I managed to get up for the sunrise which although was at 0600 it only appeared over the terrain of Carbonara Bay at 0614 and was caught on camera.

Sunrise at Carbonara Bay

After a breakfast on honey dew melon,bananas, fresh bread and jam we all dived into the crystal clear waters for a swim and splashing fun. Alex was like a fish in water and we couldn’t get him out, he found it that enjoyable, jumping in one time after another and exploring the sea bed and sea life through his goggles.

Fun at anchor at Carbonara Bay

At 1100 we eventually set sail in a brisk wind of 14 kts and set sails and sailed out of the bay. Rounding Capo Carbonara, we set a northerly course with the wind almost behind us, but allowing us to sail almost all the way, to our unknown destination, which proved to be Cala Murtas. I was here two year ago, with Edward and Paul, when we were shooed away by a military vessel performing parachute aerial drops of either equipment or test weaponry. I would have never have thought then, that I would visit this again, let alone anchor in this open bay. That said, it is exactly what we have done and also set a ketch anchor, that set our bow into the swell and made for an extremely comfortable nigh, with not the slightest movement. Recovery, will prove interesting.

More swimming, with almost 2 hours in the sea and also Alex, Arba and me, venturing to the beach on the tender and having fun the the water playing water polo. Eventually we headed back for Arya, another swim and then relaxing before a wonderful Pasta Bolognese, of which Alex had three portions.

And so the end of another day at sea, so far, marina costs have been zero and our only expenses are food and a tiny bit of fuel.

Marta, Massimo and Alex under sail
Sunset with Marta, Massimo, Alex and of course Arba

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