We set sail at mid day from Lipari for Botarro, a tiny island 1.5 miles east of Panarea.  We wanted to see the underwater fumaroles which bubbles suplphorous gas from the sea bed. Unfortunately, when we got there we discovered there was nowhere to anchor due to a rocky seabed. We saw one yacht anchored close to shore, so we tried to do the same, but as we approached the shore all we saw was a very rocky seabed and had no intention to attempt to anchor and potentionaly snag and loose our anchor. So we sailed above the fumaroles to see the gas bubbles, but all we sensed was the smell of sulphur.

We then set sail for our overnight anchorage of Caletta die Zimmari. A beautiful anchorage and very sheltered with a couple of yachts for neighbours. Bill even went for a swim, but was soon asking for the bathing ladder to be lowered. Water temperatures are still pretty low this time of year

The next morning we weighed anchor and set sail for Stromboli. We decided to take the western coastal route around Panarea and had amazing views of a barren rocky, cliff faced shore line and then a view of the active volcano Stromboli.

View of Stromboli from the rocky coat line of Panarea

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