The Italian Mainland

We left Stromboli at 10:24 on the 10th of May and set sail for the Italian mainland. Initiall there was no wind, but as soon as we were out of the shadow of Stromboli the wind picked up and we raised the red genneka and were sail at 5 knots plus, towards the Italian mainland. I set the auto helm to seek wind best wind angle and we were only a few degrees out from our intended destination of Salerno. We settled into our usual shift pattern on 3 hours of and 6 off. It was my turn for the lucky shift of having midnight to six in the morning off. So after our evening meal i settled into my night  At dawn, 06:00 I relieved Ed and I could clearly see the Italian coast. We ran parallel to the coast while we made plans where to moor up for a couple of days. We pocked our nose into an anchorage of the beautiful town of Cetera, but it seemed a little bit to exposed for our current wind conditions and sea state and so we opted for  and marina in Salerno, Ormeggio Autuorie. We were greeted by a fantastic shore crew, who leapt onto Arctura and tied us safely to the shore. This is a fantastic marina, family run and they couldn’t do enough for us. We had a problem with the calirifier and the chaps at the marina managed to source a replacement equivalent, thermostat for only 10 Euros.

The food and resturants in Salerno are fantastic and we were never disappointed with the quality of food and service.

A view of Cetera – a possible anchorage, but in the end we decided against it.
Ed and me, and based for a few days in Salerno.
Bill and me enjoying the sun
Fantastic Pizza
And another one.
The Amaphi Coast




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